Reflection, Synthesis, and Writing Workshop

Connections Tree

Open Reflection

Pull up your blog entry for the Boone trip reflection.  Open reflection about your experiences. (20 minutes)

Mapping Our Connections

On a sheet of paper use webbing to identify the emotions you experienced over the course of the trip.  Find these in your blog post and include others you might not have written about.  Each emotion should have a separate circle.  Next, think about who was with you as you experienced each emotion.  Draw a new circle, add the person’s name, and connect their circle to the appropriate emotion circle.  (10 minutes)

Read The Science of Love: How Positivity Resonance Shapes the Way We Connect (10 minutes)

Discuss article as group (15 minutes)

Find the people whose names were most frequently listed on your web.  Get together and discuss the connection of emotion together in the context of your wilderness experience and in reference to the points discussed in the article (15 minutes).

Break (5-10 minutes)

Peer Response in Writing Groups (75 minutes)

Get into your writing groups.  Each writer will have 20 minutes (15 minutes in groups of 4) to read his/her 1st polished piece and get substantial feedback from the group.  In much the same way we modeled in Boone, group members will give feedback using the “I like..”, “I am wondering…” and now possibly add in the “I am concerned about…” feedback stem.  The goal is for this to move into authentic conversation about each writer’s draft.  Each writer will also choose a recorder to take notes on the conversation and synthesize it to post as a comment to his/ her blog by Friday of this week.

Recorders:  Take good notes and make sure to note who says what.  Each person in the group should have a turn as a recorder.

Homework:  Post your synthesis to the appropriate writer’s blog in a comment on their draft.  Make sure the posted record reflects the discussion for the benefit of the writer.

Review your peer comments and prepare a final draft of your 1st polished piece due on your blog before class on Wednesday.  Meet next week at the ECU Adventure Center for winter camping and safety skills with Brad Beggs.

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